Maintain top SEO

Once seo keywords into the top 10, we will do anything to maintain keyword rankings?

Diversification of backlink pointing anchortext of small quantities, and are, so the model link wheel, trying to find quality backlinks.
Share steadily and advertise on social networks Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, .. about new content and relevant respectively.
- Post the articles related to the event in order to provide the visit, by a visit to bring very important factor.
- Implementation of 1 parasite in seo site has a number of high trust (you can use a trust rank checking tool) and the same theme.
- Have a plan and marketing strategy for the entire website.
Continuously updated with new articles related topics in order to create fresh content.
- Google +1 Increases regularly with new articles.
- Always learn to get the value of seo ideological brand name and its application.
Check and remove the bad backlink from rivals (see Manual bad Backlink blockers, spam Google)

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